Gold vs. land, which is the best investment right now

What are the best investments? It is a question that anyone interested in diversifying their sources of income has asked themselves at least once in their life. With the crisis caused by COVID-19, many of us present on face several concerns, and a series of questions seek their answer – What to invest in? Will apartment prices fall? Will banks still offer loans? AXO Finans is also a company that offers secure loans.


Whatever it is, we must always take the realities we face very seriously and, just as importantly, think long-term.

It is not surprising that over time the best investments in times of crisis have been the following:

  1. gold
  2. immobility
  3. actions

Investing in land is profitable

Every suitable person thinks about profitable investments. The investment must save money from the harmful effects of swelling. It is desirable for the invested funds to work, to bring additional income.

Achieving the above objectives will help the investment tools used for a long time. At the same time, it is important to have minimal risk and to be very promising. These are exactly what real estate investments are.

Among the advantages of this type of investment are the following:

  • real estate has high liquidity;
  • for a long time, constant profitability, for example By renting the purchased property, you can make a profit for many years;
  • relative availability of investments;
  • a wide selection of investment options.

Investing in gold

The first financial use of gold was as a currency/currency for transactions. It was at one time the only (or most widespread) form of money, along with silver.

For an object to be used as money, it needs two important characteristics: it cannot be forged and it must be rare. Gold fulfilled them and so evolved into this form of use.

The money later evolved into paper banknotes. Initially, the banknotes were backed by gold deposits.

This means that governments did not issue more money than the value of gold deposits.

At one point, President Nixon gave up the gold standard (in the USA) and since then, some more or less qualified minds have been printing money on the conveyor belt.

The attraction for gold has been and will always be high, but the periods marked by economic difficulties amplify everyone’s desire to secure their future. History has proven, countless times, that gold keeps its price per hundred grams constant, in periods of stability, so that in times of crisis it becomes more and more valuable.

If gold jewelry is the way we can ennoble an elegant outfit, with the brilliance that only precious metals can give, ingots help us to transform non-ferrous material into real financial capital. In the first phase, we can use this method of storage to preserve the family’s wealth, but the ease with which the precious metal can be traded later helps us to make an easy investment.

Whether you choose to keep it in a safe, at home, or in the custody of a bank, gold offers you an investment return of between 26 and 29%. There are many reasons to direct your financial resources to this precious metal, and the most obvious are related to long-term security and tax facilities that you can take advantage of.

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