Here Are the Tips on Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business

Have you ever desired to put something on a t-shirt but did not have that unique transfer paper? Well, worry forget about I got you covered. With a few basic things you really should have around the house, we are going to transform your basic shirt into a graphic tee very quickly.

Equipment needed:

  • Screens
  • Press
  • Exposure unit
  • dryer

A vector-based graphic software that is a the main Adobe Suite. It is also the most notable range of most graphic designers worldwide. The software works in vector format that is a perfect solution when your goal is always to achieve a crisp clear T-shirt design. You will have to load your arsenal of resources with vector graphics (there are lots of free-to-use vector graphics on the net). You will be able to resize and change the design around you will need without losing some of its quality.

Screening Printing Process goes like this, A screen made from a finely woven fabric called mesh is stretched on the wooden or aluminum frame. This Mesh Screen is pressed facing cloth to put paint onto t-shirts one color per screen.

custom t shirts

From businesses to basketball teams to bands to bachelorette parties, an amazing shirt can certainly produce a huge statement. Whatever message your t-shirt may be sending, you’ll require a design style to complement if you want to be heard. To get you started, we’ve put together 50 t-shirt designs which get you noticed.

Different Types of T-shirt Printing Methods

T-shirts really are a staple for everyday wear. It is a versatile bit of clothing that may be matched using a wide array of bottoms like pants, skirts, and shorts. More than like a fashion favorite, custom t shirts can express an announcement and promote brand identity. It provides an outlet for creatives to craft the top designs that will please crowds and catapult any brand to fame.

Puff printing technique

Puff printing follows exactly the same setups and processes as standard screen printing but can produce stunning 3D effects. The ink used continues to be Plastisol based but features a foaming agent that reacts to heat.

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